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#355878 - Cuddled up together all I could think about was my mum in the next room, my cum soaking into her hot body, her juices still on my fingers, the hickey that I’d given her, I had a giant erection the entire time and was franticly trying to pivot my hips away from my sister while we were in bed together, we might be a little more comfortable with each other than the normal family but having my dick smack against her stomach or pressing against her side was something neither of us would like to experience. I’d never though that you could even get hickeys anywhere other than your neck until now. After watching some TV I told her I was gunna take a bath, once I got in the bathroom I bent down and pulled off the skirting board that i had found had a pretty big whole behind it, this was about the only place I could have some privacy, inside I had lube, porno mags, two dildo’s and a fleshlight.

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