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#26933 - “Now you know better than to than that” Missy replied with a giggle to the buxom twenty five year old. “Did you suck him off?!?” “Yessssssssss,” the little Asian hissed, “but only after he fucked Valerie’s tight little pussy!!!” By now everyone was furiously fingering their pussies while the hot mouthed little trans fisted her hard little cock! As if reading their minds, Susi stood up in the middle of the room and jerked her little pecker in a wanton display of sexual pleasure! Fingers were now flying in and out of gaping slits while the four drooling women brought themselves to stunning climaxes just as the little Asian slut emptied her tight nut bag for the last time!!! “So” Missy asked softly after Susi had gone home, “how did you like my special treat!?!” All the women sighed together while Audra replied for the group, “She was good enough to eat, and that’s all that needs saying!!!” THE END. “What a talented mouth she has!!!” Missy dropped down to the floor and slid her

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