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#28833 - Well, we’d have to think of a better way to explain it, I think, said Harry, laughing at Ron’s description of their evening, I mean, they’d understand, wouldn’t they, seeing what they get up to an all? Harry paused, as if deep in thought, then continued, Does it bother you if they keep fooling around together? I don’t really want to give up what we do together, but, err, it seems kinda wrong to keep doing it unless Ginny and Hermione are okay about it. Hermione told a bunch of us girls once about this muggle card game her parents learned from some American friends, and they liked to play it at parties. Only Hermione and I thought the four of us might like to play with different stakes, Ginny interjected, a twinkle in her eyes, like perhaps with bits of clothing maybe? Ron instantly hitched his grin back in place, I always thought it would be nice to learn more about Muggles.

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Ranko saouji
Talk about a cliffhanger did she get the dog or not
Souma asuka
This is good