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#128928 - Finally i rolled her back over (I have a king size water bed) and we broke off the passionete kisses and i went down and would suck one massage the other and back and forth for a few minutes this went on and then i ran my hand down her pants and played with her pussy. (The Next Day its a Saturday) I call Hannah and i am apologizing baby i am sorry i did not know you would take offence cant we just forget it happened and she said no your gonna have to keep apologizing untill i think you have learned ur lesson and i said baby cant you just come over and we can talk it out and she said maybe what do i get out of it and i said my apologies and she said well i guess and it took a few hours then she knocked on the door and i answered and i say hey and go in for a kiss but she stopped me and she said not untill we work this out and i said awwww ok so we go up stairs and my parents are not home so its baically alone time.

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Holland novak
I sure hope my friend timmy doesnt see this