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#204715 - John was quite, but then said, it looks the same as fucking a girls ass, I told him over the years me and Lyn had got guys into bi sex, by them thinking it was Lyn's ass they were fucking, but it was mine, and then after they had cum in me, showed them they had just fucked a guys ass, and most wanted to fuck me again before the night was over too. John sat next to me, and thanked me for a great evening, and also for letting Lyn meet him each week, I told him it was good for both, she came home happy, I loved eating his cum from her then fucking her ass or pussy after wards too, I then said, what did Lyn do with you just now . It was hard to keep a eye on all that was happening as guys fucked us any way they wanted, more had arrived now some 15 or so guys stood naked around us, not to many limp cocks either, as most guys even after they have cum, get horny watching the girls being used, no one is making love, we are all just fucking, and boy we love it, even the girls, I

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Sunset shimmer
Yep agree hard to tell if she being fucked up the ass or cunt