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#319053 - “He said he just wanted to come and hang out, he didn’t say anything about a threesome, he knows I’m not like that!” I didn’t know what to say, the number of times Cameron and I had fooled around together and he was still pulling the ‘I’m hetro’ card? Fucking hell! Shortly after, I heard a car pull up in the driveway, the deep throaty tone of the engine told me it was Andy’s V8 Valiant. Poor Cameron had been fingering Andy’s tight man hole for about fifteen minutes by now and his cock was dripping with pre cum, I knew he wouldn’t last much longer and I think Andy thought the same thing “Cameron, I want you to fuck me, stick that huge cock of yours inside me. The other thing that turned me on was knowing that he wanted to fuck me.

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Owen i can t stop watching you you re so hot i wish i was at the place of this girl
Atalanta alter
Conniebunnyni no disrespect but did you see the way this light skinned goddess worked that hammer like a skilled prize fighter going for the title belt like a 1st chair violinist playing carneige hall for the 1st time with this kind of beauty and skill at work you dont want to blink your eyes for fear of missing a split second sorry i wont be going anywhere