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#379280 - Our eyes would embrace each other and we would have sex like wild creatures. I imagined one of them, or even more than one of them, jumping off the truck, pushing aside a bale, pushing me down in the barn, ripping off my housedress and ravishing my got body, joining our two sweating bodies in heat and lust. Their tools and my charms excited each of us accordingly and there we three were in the sweet smelling barn, one afternoon in the fall when my parents were shopping and the scene in the barn was very quiet and intense…me combing and stroking my sweet pony and my loving doggie coming up behind me, nuzzling me, wanting his share of attention.

Read Pounding [★枝短漫] [Chinese] [Dark Night] [Digital] Beurette [★枝短漫] [Chinese] [Dark Night] [Digital]

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Natsuno yuuki
Oh dear love you back and thank you
Kokkoro | kokoro natsume
I buy him a keg of beer