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#293876 - what took you so long she said with a sarcastic smile, shut up brat, just be lucky im helping you i sat down next to her and squirted some lotion in my hands rubbing them together, so how much of your back do you want covered? all of it duh, i gotta look good for the guys she laughed, i loved her laugh. first we need to be sure i helped her up and get dressed we headed to the store, when we got there Kelly picked three tests and a couple boxes of condoms, i pulled her close she was still crying, whats wrong baby, i mean i know you might be pregnant but whats wrong i-i dont know how to tell my mom and dad they will be pissed at me no they wont, they will be ok with it, besides my job can sustain us both and a kid she looked at me and smiled, thats my girl now cmon lets get going i paid for the tests and condoms, we got to the house, she walked into the bathroom and closed the door, i sat outside thinking how my life could get worse or better, she opened the door and loo

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Ichiro yamada
Those blowjob skills are a w e s o m e also the lighting in this hentai was top notch great work
Mika mikage
She is so beautiful
Sora shiunin
Those lips mmmmmmmmm