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#79682 - I then decided to introduce a second finger into the equation, as I pulled my middle finger almost out of her slippery arsehole I placed my slippery index finger alongside it and began to slip them both into her still very tight bum hole. The feeling was amazing, never before had anyone managed to swallow all my cock, and here was this petite 16 year old girl achieving just that. Once I had got used to this intrusion of my hole, the feeling was fantastic, and after a few moments a second finger began to join its partner inside my arse resisted even more, but to no avail as Kim was even more determined to ensure that my arse was going to get the same treatment her own arse was getting.

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Kyousuke tsurugi
Love you both nice hobbies
Kokonoe mercury
Can we take a moment to appreciate how cute are those little butts bouncing one in the other
Airi akitsuki
She was hungry