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#155411 - With 1800 students to watch out for, Emma could hardly be expected to know all of them by sight, especially if he or she was a freshman or sophomore, but in this case, Timmy was a eighteen year old junior who had just moved into the district at the beginning of the current term. Of course she had to be careful, only after she was sure of her hold over a student would she make any advancing moves, because if she wasn't sure, she didn't dare take the chance!!! There was a soft knock on the door that took Emma away from the file in front of her. Emma, sensing this was the moment of truth, went on, Timmy, have you ever seen a girl naked before? Turning a bright shade of red he shook his head no! She continued, I've found that if you take the mystery out of a woman's body that it's much easier for a boy to relate to her, that makes sense doesn't it?!? Not saying a word, he nodded in agreement, but obviously embarrassed by the direction the conversation

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Yuuji kousaka
Made me want a meat mouth you think it was all for lily lol
Najimi ajimu
Mucha pija tan grande