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#104652 - Using her tongue now Sally licks round and round the throbbing cock, moaning louder and louder as she loses control, suddenly she feels the cock twitch, once, twice the a third time and the it floods her mouth with the man’s cum, forced to swallow she can’t make a sound as she drinks as much as she can while he cries out with pleasure. Nervous now Sally fiddles with her coat buttons, almost jumping at every noise, when her drink arrives she almost downs it in one go and asks for another. Glancing round the bar she doesn’t see anyone that looks like they’re watching her, as she looks at the table in the booth Sally notices an envelope sticking up from between the cushions opposite, right where the woman had sat.

Read Punish Yoshiwara Houkai Hen - Gintama Culo Grande Yoshiwara Houkai Hen

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