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#43742 - He says I asked the village leaders if your Mother could live with my Son and I in my house, I did this so that the other Men in the village couldn't gang rape your Mother anymore and I was so happy when the village leaders said I could keep her . Helen and Steve are taking a break after all that fucking, eating some fruits Steve says Should we go get Mom and bring her here? Thomas and Kevin can guard the cave while we have some fun , Helen smiles and says Ok, lets go get her and they head towards the cave. He slowly enters the cave and grabs the long thick stick and hand sized rock, Kevin is raping his Aunt so hard, grunting and moaning while Thomas is telling his Son to fuck the whore, they both don't see Steve getting closer and closer and with one hard swing Steve splits his Cousins head wide open with the hand sized rock killing him instantly, Thomas screams KEVIN and Steve pins his uncle to the ground, pushing the stick against his uncles throat.

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