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#132723 - I rang the door bell, Mary opened the door, she was wearing a sari, it seemed strange an English woman wearing a sari especially a stunningly beautiful pink sari. I had a new cell phone which played movies and during one free study period I was watching a BDSM bondage and domination movie on my cell phone as I sat in the back row of the class room facing the end wall, I had my dick in my hand through my trouser pocket and I was day dreaming the girl tied up and being whipped and abused when suddenly I heard Mary’s voice saying “How dare you! I thought it was a dream but she was really there and she grabbed my phone off me and stood staring at the screen for a moment before switching it off. She smiled, “Good, I knew I had chosen the right man,” she said, “I wanted to use a condom.

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You always make me dream baby thanks for all you are amazing
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Prefer her minecraft letsplays tho
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No i m lolimaster