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#305650 - Claire couldn't help it, but the oil and her now bare vagina were making her very wet, and out of the corner of her eye she could see that Jill was now rubbing her middle finger up and down the inside of her slit while Vera had closed her eyes and was getting more oil on her clit than her lips! Soon they were all brazenly jerking their pussies for all they were worth! Jill, while using her right hand on her cunt, was using her left to cup and squeeze her big nipples, while Vera on the other hand, was sticking three fingers into her cunt, doing her best to use them as a substitute cock. Jill, not being able to get the shaving thing out of her mind asked, Did you use shaving cream or what? Good grief, Jill, a now inpatient Claire replied, do I have to show you how it's done?!? Yeah, both Jill and Vera replied in unison, show us how it's done!!! Okay, I will, a cocksure Claire retorted while downing the rest of her drink in one gulp, let's go to the bathr

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Mahoro andou
That ugly back ufff
Keita aono
Omg i wanna fuck her