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#119105 - Matt you home I heard my moms voice we stopped kissing and Nathan hurried and pulled up his pants and he put on his jacket who's Lexus in the drive way I heard my father you tell anyone Nathan said in a threaten voice , i kissed his lips i wont say anything I cleaned my face and sprayed my room with air wick spray we both walked out it's mine Nathan said we had to do a project for English i explained Nathan left in a hurry, my parents went into the kitchen my sister Karen came up to me oh my god Nathan Bellini was in our house, he is the hottest guy at school she said relax sis your only in the ninth grade he is in the eleventh a girl can dream right she grabbed our little brother Danny and went into the kitchen with mom and dad he is the hottest guy in school and i just blew him in my room. he sat down at my desk and opened the text book lets get this over with he said i sat down next to him i could smell him he smelled good like

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Kaoru niimi
Such a perfect little fleshlight
Marta lualdi
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A beautiful mouth
Aoi kiriya
You guys are awesome