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#312569 - I sat sipping my beer thinking about what I had seen after a few minutes I realised how uncomfortable I was looked down at my crutch were I saw a tent in my jeans I knew I would have to relieve myself before I burst so I made my way upstairs to my bedroom and striped as I dropped my jeans and underwear the door opened and in walked Kelly she looked directly at my cock and said that is hell of a boner dad, There was no point me trying to hide it, I looked at her and said this is all because I saw you all screwing she walked over and made a go of holding my cock I twisted away from her and said no don’t that is wrong you don’t play with your dad she looked at me and said sorry can't I help you, no I said I am going to get a shower, with that I told her to go back to her mates which she did on the way out she muttered something that sounded like “I would love to try that cock” I couldn't believe what I heard I thought to myself that I was mistaken, Left it at that and went throu

Read Gay Bang I can't stop loving you!! - Yu-gi-oh arc-v Cum On Face I can't stop loving you!!

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