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#218252 - ' as she continued her rant I had my arms behind my back stroking and squeezing my bum cheeks, I could feel every pair of eyes in the room on me and I loved it! 'Yes miss, I'm sorry, I'll whip these boys in to shape for you by the end of the year, and I really am sorry about the mess, we'll have it tidied up in no time at all!' I tried to make my apology more sincere by spreading my legs a little, bending over and picking up a few scraps off the floor, and at the same time giving all the guys a glorious view of my ass and pussy, with just a light dusting of hair and thin strands of string covering me, I was sure that this was something that a lot of them had never seen before in real life, she seemed happier at this, gave us one last warning and left. I would usually cosy up to James and make puppy dog eyes at Chris, making sure that if I were wearing a skirt it was well hitched up, and it was a very rare occasion that I would wear panties to school, how

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