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#214626 - Brooke was looking at her too I noticed it was hard not to notice her I mean she was asking for attention! I quickly grabbed Brookes arm looked in both directions of the hall way no one else was around from the looks of it, so I pulled her into the boys bathroom this hallway didn’t get a lot of traffic anyways there only being a couple of lockers and one tiny bathroom. ” He didn’t really seem to care waving us to sit down his eyes following Brooke’s ass for a moment before looking back up to the TV announcements. So where do I go from here?” I pointed down the hallway where the girls locker room was and said, “walk all the way down the hall and you’ll enter the gym.

Read Pawg [Matsusaka Takeshi] Otona no Bunbougu ~Itazura Shicha Damee!! 1~2 [Chinese] [Den個人漢化] [Digital] Wives Otona no Bunbougu2

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