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#84732 - While she was still hot, I slide the 10 inch vibe up her pussy, causing her to jump, but soon respond back as her second orgasm followed, I had fun keeping her high, as I slipped a finger in her butt, again she jumped, but I told her to relax, and take a sniff of the poppers. Pauline wore a nice looking dress, which showed of her boobs, I was naked, but she didnt mind as her eyes went down to my cock and smiled, I put our new toys on the bed, and began to play with her body, massaging her from head to toe, then gently licking her clit, until she cum. I wanted to fit them both in, but knew for her first day that would be to much, so I eased back, and put the strap on around me, and fitted the 10 inch vibe in it, I knew now with the 10 inch going all the way in, and most of the dildo in her butt, she was really letting fly, her orgasms sounded even better than mine.

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