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#271356 - i move my hands to her knnes as they touch her skin she sighs, again i move my hands up her thighs to her shaven pussy, my finger brushes her pussy lips and she draws a deep breath and shivers, my finger slips inbetween her lips, i feel how wet she is as i start to move the tip of my finger to touch her clit. i sit back in my chair still smiling, Dee gets up from the desk and walks away, she goes back to her chair. i stand up and kiss her full on the lips, kissing her with more passion than i have ever given a woman before, my hands move to her breasts, i start to rub my hands over her nipples feeling them get hard under my touch, i start to unbutton her blouse and take it off, i see that she has no bra on under it, i move to sit down again and work my way down her body, my tongue finding her left nipple, i start to roll my tongue around and around it until it is hard, i then move over to the right nipple and do the same again, i move my fingers down her stomach and find her wet puss

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