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#220448 - Oooo, la-la, he intoned gaily, while taking in a deep breath her sexual aroma, you are in heat, no!?! Please stop playing with me, she begged, do me now, please!!! The next thing she felt was a long tongue slithering along the length of her crack, until it rested on her bulging little man in the boat! Within five seconds Amber's pussy was rocked by a thundering climax, the likes of which she had never felt before as her vagina flooded the Frenchman's mouth with a torrent of hot pussy juice that quickly covered the whole lower half of his face! As her orgasm subsided, she had the unbelievable need to be filled with a large penis, and Claude seemed to read her mind like and open book, because a second or two later, he was shoving his thickness deep inside her waiting pussy! Amber was now like a bitch in heat, and the only thing that mattered was having another orgasm! She took her long legs and wrapped them around Claude's back, trying in desperation to lock t

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