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#176927 - a girl sends him a private massage “ hey kutie I want to get fucked really hard u down” Eddie read it about 2 times and decided what the hell might as well so he replied “ sure u near my town lets meet under the pch bridge at 7:00 pm “ “can u handle” then she replied “ loll sure can’t wait I will pick u up” “what ur number” Eddie replied he put his number in and the logged out he had to finish stroking his dick after 10 min he jizz all across his chest. He did not look that bad he can hold on to his own when it came to it. “suck my cock u slut u Gonne keep me and all my friends happy for now on” the man said as he kissed eddies’ neck “noooooooooooooooo…… stop it plzzzzz,, let go of me “Eddie tries but it was not working “what u say u little bitch how dare u tell me what to do “the man drops Eddie shorts down and grabs a dialdo of the ground and shoves it with force up eddies ass Eddie cries and starts to bleed a bit “see what u made me do now open ur mouth and suck my dick bitch” the

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