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#317191 - As i cooked nick ceped on trying to rub my clit and grab my tits which was good fun but it did slow things down a bit and i was starving but eventually i had wiped up something even if it was the most unhygienic meal i had! Still it tasted grate! As we ate nick rubbed my slit under the table and i rubbed his cock! This was the most fun game of footsy i had played! We finished are food slower than usual for obvious reasons but when we finished i was not full so asked nick what was for dissert well i cant cook but i think my cock in your pussy should fill you up! i new nick was joking around but i was still a virgin and i thought that well why not lose it to my virgin brother! yeh ok nick i have a condom still from my last boyfriend but as you no it didn’t go as expected I wanted a camera to take a picture of nicks face! He could not believe what he had just hired! So We, slowly, not saying anything to each other walked upstairs into my room.

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