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#135868 - Who knew that these cards would change Dab's life He and his roommate looked at them and an idea flashed into Trae's mind instantly, he remembered when he was at home he used to play cards with his with his older brothers but they both would dare the loser which was always him to do stuff like throw water on his mother, flash his dick to the neighbours, doing their chores and stuff like that, stuff that would get him in trouble, amuse them or give them time to spare. Although being extremely bright, dab was dunce, he knew nothing when it came unto sex, except that he got hard down there when he saw a girl and that they had a vagina that got wet; he learnt it in science class. Dab couldn't believe his luck but just as soon as it started it was over as the girls came out dressed and left with their asses teasing him.

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