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#387895 - Curious to see what type of girl Louise had pulled she sauntered towards the bedroom, hesitating slightly to press her ear to the door, hearing the soft feminine moans of someone and her mom's own familiar coos of pleasure. The two simply stared at each other for a moment before, as if to interrupt the moment, Louise drove her hips forward, hilting her cock sharply into Brenda’s fembutt, prompting her, “Say hi, Brenda. ” Willow gasped softly and looked down, the hair colour was right, a sandy blonde, and she was similar in height to the Brandon she had known and had crushed on, but apart from that there was virtually no similarity, “What? No way! Flip her over mom, I wanna see!” Louise glanced over her shoulder at her daughter with a haughty expression, flipping her meant obscuring the view of that gorgeous ass taking her cock, but if that was the price of her daughter's happiness.

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