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#336933 - But Abdul had some faulty kit and when Sgt Andrews spotted him trying to get the bomb to go off, as his patrol passed through the Souk, which is what they called the local market, he sent the lads in and that's when Abdul found he couldn't run as fast as he used to when his jacksy wasn't stuffed with Semtex. Now I don't know your favourite way of pulling things out of ass holes but I like a corkscrew, but this was a bit awkward as it could have shorted out the detonator and blown the lot sky high. It's all right Andrews I can reach it with the pliers, here we are.

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Mamoru amami
Nice milf
Aiko nonohara
Aww thats so sweet thanks so much and im so happy you like i love being a daddy so its always so cool when someone jives with my content