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#77232 - On reaching the landing I heard singing coming from the second bedroom along, as I looked in my heart skipped a beat, there was Jennifer, lying on her bed, she had earphones on and was oblivious to my presence, she was wearing a pink teddy which barely contained her 36C breasts and only just covered her pussy. Charlie and Jennifer live in a secluded mansion surrounded by 12 foot walls and a state of the art security system on the outskirts of London, this suits them both as it keeps the prying eyes of the press away from the lovely Jennifer and lets Charlie meet his contacts in privacy too, after staking out the house and listening in on their conversations for almost a week, the night arrived, Charlie was up in Manchester on business, Jennifer was alone in the house, she’d given the butler the night off and was planning to relax in a hot bath then have an early night, her plans were about to be ruined. Her lips form an ‘O’ as the intensity of the vibrations increase, her hips

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