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#84657 - com) ******************************************** Part 2 - Lina's Roasting Now? If I don’t get out of this im really screwed Lina said to herself as the man with the spit pushed it deeper into her pussy causing her to scream out in pain, grrr why cant I use my magic Lina though as she struggled and tried to get her pussy away from the sharp spit that was starting to tear into her, I bet your wondering why you cant use your magic on me and my men, well you see here this is a special spit, it was created to be used on sorceress's just like yourself to completely drain you of your magic and allow us to roast you free of worry the man said as Lina could feel the spit going deeper and deeper. Lina why did you blow up that little man? Naga asked and Lina turned around quickly to face her, Damn Naga your only back for 5 minutes and your already at it with the stupid questions Lina said, And how are you back anyway?, I roasted you on this spit Lina added holdin

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Toyohisa shimazu
Omg can u make a hentai where u show your hands and feet they are sooo sexy love ur vids btw
Ichigo momomiya
Fuckin horse face