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#366221 - With his cock now snug between her tits the horse started to pump her body, the flare now forcing its way into Jan’s stretched mouth, with all her might she held him from going in to far. I knew this would be a great time to get next to Jan and have his cum cover us both, another guy took over holding her tits on his cock, as I went up, and held his cock with Jan, I grabbed the flare nice and tight, to give him the feel of being inside a pussy, it worked as he quickly changed his pace, his cock now seemed to grow more as the flow of cum started its way out,. I told Steve to bring one of the dogs around, whilst I lay on the frame, within minutes I heard a dog growl behind me and his cock slapping on my back, just as quick his cock began to find my hole, open and wet, and start its way in, I groaned with a nice orgasm as he pounded deeper and harder into my ass, this is just what I wanted, as I sniffed my amyl, my anus relaxed more and I took him balls deep.

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