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#4238 - And of course the Columbia tragedy. Like A Butterfly (Columbia) like a beautiful butterfly bolted to a bullet beautiful and fragile but not afraid to fly up toward Heaven through the vast beautiful sky she breaks free and flies on her own gliding around earth like few have ever known the butterfly is silent as she spreads her wings but the Heaven echoes as the Angels sings seven brave astronauts on the journey of their life brothers and sisters, fathers, mother, husband and a wife each one living their own dream but together they are one team each one has looked to earth from high above and thought about the ones they love and looked up at the stars and beyond looked back to what we have and what's yet to be done seven astronauts unaware of the Angels on their wing they don't hear the sad song, they now sing they know the danger of travel in space but not the grim task, the seven Angels face a beautiful butterfly bolted to a bull

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