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#277708 - Every teenage boy in the valley had probably fantasised about her at one time or another as she could easily have graced the pages of any mens magazine … she was an absolute stunner! All I could think of as I reached in to cop a feel was that they must both be really pissed or on drugs to let this happen, didn’t stop me getting one then two fingers inside her soaking wet pussy while someone lifted her jumper up high to get a better look at her boobs though. She was half laughing half moaning as two or three fingers at a time were thrust up inside her and she was very obviously having a great time and really getting off on it, her boyfriend Brandon was laughing like mad telling us all to come get your winners prize! Anna was in her early twenties, dead set the most beautiful woman in the whole valley with a lovely face, big blue eyes, long brown hair, the aforementioned melon sized very firm boobs, long slender tanned legs and unusually for the times she had a trimmed bush o

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