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#115735 - Panting and moaning you beg him ‘stop please stop, i can’t cum anymore!’ ignoring you this stranger keeps fucking you harder and harder your body feels abused and used almost without volition you grasp you breasts squeezing them harder and pulling on your nipples as you cry out louder and louder! Without warning the man stiffens as you feel his cock pulse once, twice a third time the cum filling your already burning sore pussy, you feel his hot cum seep out around his cock and run down your arse crack before he pulls out shooting the last of his load over your stomach and breasts. ‘looks like you’ve already been having some fun’ he remarks as he pulls you up the benches and bends his head to your pussy, trying to struggle you thrash about, wriggling to try to break his hold. Gasping again you start to work his cock moving your head back and forth then reaching up you cup his balls and squeeze gently feeling him respond, his cock getting even harder as you massage first his bal

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