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#255457 - “What else did you do” “Well, I gave him a blowjob the first time and then he ate me out on the desk” Rhea turned towards the desk near the window “you mean that desk” “Yep, he opened my legs and he ran his tongue all over me, then when I had come he fucked me on it, the monitor even fell off” “So that is why there is a chip in it” “Yes, it was us” Jane giggled, now Rhea was jealous “You are wicked Jane” “I am enjoying it Rhea. He now inhaled around her pussy, drawing as much air into his nose as he could and it smelt divine “you’ve put perfume on down here” he said as she looked down and smiled “I did so because I wanted you to find me clean should I decide Rico” he now took off his top as she assisted him, then Rhea opened her legs and sat around his face laying her back between his legs as he sat on the floor sitting upright, now Rhea allowed his tongue to explore her delicious pussy, finding it like nector, she was moaning rubbing her hands onto the floor.

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