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#226827 - so she said that she don’t know me but she is horny and she just dialled this number without knowing who it may be, she said believe me that this is not a joke or no one made me call, just that she is willing to get some sex from some one that she never knew before, and never seen before. after about 45 minutes I was cumin when I cum on her mouth I think it was a half a littler of sperm all over her mouth and tits, she was not stopping she put her tong on my ass hole and licked it for five minutes and I was feeling bad about that but I thought ok I came for her all the way here so I will let her do any thing to me. So I waited for her 45 minutes I thought that she was making jack ass out of me, I said ok I am going.

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Kaito yashio
Fuck man is that miss piggy how do you even fuck this
I want to fuck her so bad