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#109183 - no noise …no vision…. A man came towards her face, rubbing his hardening cock while staring at her slutty body glistening Under the giant spot light, he started slapping his cock on her cheek bone, taunting her, terrifying her, He let out a small grunt , then grabbed a fistful of her hair , angled his cock to her opened mouth , and teased the head of his cock in and out of her lips , her eyes watered as the thick head of his cock raped her unwilling mouth , trying to move her head away , she realized the futility , her entire body was frozen solid , no muscle in her entire body could move , she could only take and take and take , never saying no , never able to resist , the man tired of the taunting , grabbed her head in both hands and brutally stuffed his entire cock down her throat , ripping the sides of her lips and making her eyes bulge out of her skull , he began pumping her throat , his fat cock sluicing in and out of her , dragging the deep spit from her throat lining , co

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