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#407502 - “YOU WILL FUCK ME TOO – RIGHT NOW – OR I’M CALLING THE COPS” I thought I must have mis-heard … “YOU WHAT”? “I’ve dreamt about your dick inside me since the first day you moved in … and NOW you’ve fucked my little sister – so you WILL do ANYTHING I say … or I’ll go to the Police – and you’ll spend a VERY long time regretting … ” This was DEFINITELY not going the way I would have planned our first intimate encounter …. which she did with great volume and energy …. “You’ve just fucked my little sister … she’s only 12 you know”!! (She had told me she was eleven – but I wasn’t about to argue the point!) “You’ve ruined her life”!! “I didn’t do ANYTHING she didn’t want me to” … now how’s THAT for a lame defence! “HOW COULD YOU”!? she continued “She’s a CHILD – for Chrissakes”! “Anyway – I thought it was ME you were always spying on, you lecherous BASTARD”! She was right – it WAS her I had been watching ever since I had moved in … she was fourteen – and an ABSOLUTE FOX!! Slender,

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It was hot af really well done
Emiru nagakura
Camera guy can fuck off i love will