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#309813 - She says wow that was nice I say wait there is more to come she is begging me to fuck her fuck her now she needs a cock inside her ,mean while he has stripped down I see he is about 8 ½ inches and very thick ,he climbs between her legs and slides just the head in slowly then pulls it out and slaps her clit with it then he puts it in a little more and pull out and slaps that clit again he keeps doing it till he is balls deep and stays there a few seconds and she say fuck me fuck me hard baby I wish you could find someone for our fantasy and he could fuck me silly while you watch and maybe later join and you finally get your come filled pussy I promised with your sloppy seconds maybe we could record it for our collection ,He is now fucking hard and fast she is moaning don’t stop a little more I am going to come and they both explode together. She picked up right there and went into the story if I could only get someone to fuck her and give her a come filled pussy so I could get the sl

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